Baby Footprint Keepsake

Baby Footprint Keepsake

Your newborn baby won’t stay little for long… so you are going to want to capture those adorable little footprints and handprints and make them into a keepsake!


Blue Footprint Keepsake | Money Savvy Liivng


Little newborn baby hands and  feet are so cute.  Funny how, as we get older, feet aren’t so cute anymore…  Anyways, I know that bringing each of the boys home from the hospital, I would just look at that little, tiny life in amazement and marvel at how each little finger and toe were just perfectly formed.  I think any new mother can relate to that feeling of wanting to keep your baby that little forever… although, I will admit that the middle-of-the-night feedings do get a bit old after a while.

Sooooo, since your baby won’t stay little for long, you have to capture those little footprints (and handprints!) while you can.

Here is an easy way to capture you little one’s footprints! In these pictures, I used my youngest son’s little feet to make the butterfly and my two older children made the thumbprint ladybugs and the fingerprint flowers.  This was a great way for all of my children to be included in the picture.  So you can definitely get creative to add more than one child without taking a full handprint or footprint, especially when some of your kids are older and a full hand or foot would take up too much space.  A calligraphy pen is great to add the accents. Use any colors you like and then frame it!

*Tip: When working with newborns, you will probably have better luck with footprints because tiny babies tend to want to close their hand, so getting a clear handprint is quite a bit harder than a footprint.


Footprint Keepsake | Money Savvy Living


This is also a very inexpensive way to make a keepsake of your precious little one. I used a frame that I already had and cardstock. I did have to buy the washable ink pads (make sure it is washable and safe to use on children) and calligraphy pen (less than $10– and you will have these items to use for other crafty projects), but still spent much less than the keepsake plates (shown below) which were done at a studio, and cost at least $25 each.

However, it was my babies’ footprints… and I really wanted to have these keepsakes for display, so I allowed myself to splurge on these for each of the boys.


Golf Footprint Keepsake | Money Savvy Living
My husband loves to golf. This is a gift that I made for him when our son was about 18 months old. A great way to give a meaningful keepsake to any dad or grandpa. This was painted on a ceraminc plate, coated, and fired at a local paint-your-own pottery studio.

I would have never come up with the idea for this on my own, but attended a workshop where they walked us through how to do the footprint as a golf green and how to complete the scene.  So after I did this one, I wanted to make plates for the other kids, but not the exact same thing.  So I got creative and below you can see my designs:


Football Footprint Keepsake | Money Savvy Living
This is one of my favorite footprint pieces that I have done. The design came out good, even though I could have used a few more coats of paint to even it out! My son was 3 years old when I did this, so I needed a little bit longer plate to make it work. After placing his footprint on first, I drew the football outline with pencil (pencil marks disappear during the firing process) and filled in.  Drew in the field hash marks and done!


Baseball Footprint Keepsake | Money Savvy Living

I figured to round out the trio of sports plates, I would do baseball next.  The green came out a bit darker than I had hoped, but my little guy’s footprint stands out, and that is most important!

Creating a Photobook with

collage book

There is nothing that I enjoy more than taking pictures of my kids. I love to capture how cute they are, how silly they are, milestones, birthdays, holidays… to be honest, sometimes I probably too many pictures. Some people are OCD, some are obsessive gamblers, smokers, choc-o-holics… I am a compulsive picture-taker. I just don’t want to miss anything, so I take pictures of everything.

Of course, I store all of my digital prints on the computer or a flash drive, but sometimes, it is nice to pull some of my favorite photos out and just look at a photo album. I have created albums by printing out photos and sliding them into the pockets, put them on the sticky pages, or designed scrapbook pages. All of these items can be pretty costly. If you have ever made a scrapbook, just the book itself is around $20, then you have the cost of the photo prints, decorative pages, emblems, etc. When all is said and done, it is easy to get $40-50 into a scrapbook. Even standard photo albums end up costing about $20 by the time you buy the book and pay to print out the photos. I found out a few years ago, that there are many online photo services that offer great deals for photobooks. I just upload my photos to the website and arrange them in a book… and I end up with something that looks like a scrapbook for about half the price!

Recently, I had the opportunity to create a photobook on It was very easy to use. I uploaded the photos, and the website put them into an initial arrangement in order by date. It was easy to move photos from page to page, move or delete pages, and add titles, dates or captions. I didn’t have any trouble dropping and dragging photos or reorganizing pages. I literally had an entire year worth of memories placed into a photobook that had a contemporary, clean design, done within about 30 minutes! I didn’t have to take over the dining room table with pictures, scissors, cardstock, stamps for a few days (or rather a few weeks, the way I scrapbook). I just sat down at my computer and worked on my photo album for less than an hour… and was done.

As a Mom, saving time, money and walking away with a great keepsake of my children, well, that’s an all-around win!

Right now, you can create a professional photo book with a single click using’s One-Click Photo Book. Select photos of any size from Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, or your computer and they will instantly suggest a clean, professional layout that you can further customize.

Deal: Use this link to get a 20-page 11.5″x8″ Hardcover Photo Book From for just $25.

* I received a coupon for a free photobook from for writing this review. Even though non-monetary compensation was provided, opinions of the product are my own, as I try to evaluate and review the product as honestly as possible.

Keepsake Journal

Keepsake Journal | Money Savvy Living


The best gift a Mother can receive is something made by her children. Of course, I like jewelry and flowers too! But this year, my husband bought a journal in which each child wrote a Mother’s Day message for me. He let them write whatever they wanted… totally unprompted.


I have to say, these sweet, heartfelt messages from my kids just make me smile:


Keepsake: Mother's Day Journal | Money Savvy Living


The idea is that for Mother’s Day, or my birthday, or any other holiday throughout the year, the boys can write a message, draw a picture or whatever they want, and I will have a journal of their messages to me over the years as they grow up. Not only is it nice to have it all compiled in one book, but no need to buy expensive cards that get misplaced or thrown away.  Saves money AND I have something homemade from my kids…. win, win.


It will be interesting to see how the boys’ handwriting and pictures change over the years.  I’m pretty sure one day, they will look back through this book and smile at some of the cute things they wrote when younger.


This keepsake journal idea would also be a great gift for Father’s Day (yes, we definitely started one for my husband too!), or for a parent or grandparent’s birthday. A gift from the heart, for any occasion, that is money savvy too, doesn’t get much better than that.