Want to Leave Your Six-Figure Salary for a Greater Opportunity: This Executive Did


What kind of business opportunity would compel you to voluntarily give up a SIX-FIGURE salaried job?


It would have to be something that you truly believed in. It would have to be an opportunity that offered even more financial security. It would have to be a venture in a market with nearly unlimited growth potential.


Of course, no one has a crystal ball to predict the future, however, there are some strong indicators that we can look at to predict success.  What if I told you that you can start your own home-based business, with a company that has this kind of potential, for a minimal investment?


4th largest Rodan + Fields


Based on 2013 market share statistics published by Euromonitor International, Rodan + Fields is now officially the fastest growing premium skincare line in the US. Even more amazing… now the 4th largest premium skin care company, and the other 3 companies ahead of Rodan + Fields on the list have an average of a 50-year head start!


  1. Clinique (1968)
  2. Estee Lauder (1946)
  3. Lancôme (1935)
  4. Rodan and Fields (2002)


Would you give up your SIX figure annual income?


Well, it happened…AGAIN. Meet Bobbie Silva, FORMER Rodan + Fields Regional Director (in the flowered dress next to Dr. Fields). She’s been a corporate Director for R+F since 2009 and just quit…QUIT…to become a consultant (you’re not allowed to do both). Not a Level V, not an Executive Consultant, a BRAND NEW, day one on the job, Rodan + Fields consultant, just like any other consultant starting out.


Rodan + Fields execurive quits to becomes consultant


She knows more about the inner-workings and global expansion than most of us and gave up her LARGE SIX figure income for something BIGGER and BETTER, like becoming a consultant. WOW!


Timing? Couldn’t be better.

Too saturated? Hardly.

Too good to be true? Not one bit.


For just a few hundred dollars, you can start your own home-based business, with a rapidly-growing company, and HUGE growth potential… and HUGE income potential!


What are you waiting for?!


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