Get FREE Exposure for Your Blog with TalkMarkets

Get FREE exposure for your blog with TalkMarketsGet FREE Exposure for Your Blog with TalkMarkets | Money Savvy Living

TalkMarkets, a new financial media site which customizes its content to user’s interests, preferences and levels of investment sophistication. While TalkMarkets covers the entire breadth of the diverse financial realm, it is customized and tailored to each individual user; this ensures a browsing experience which is easy, quick, and personally relevant.



For a limited time, TalkMarkets is accepting new contributors to its Founding Contributors Club. As a Founding Contributor you will earn equity in the company in exchange for your contributions.

Four ways to earn equity:

  1. Submit content—you can choose to upload your own content, or TalkMarkets will monitor your blog and repost anything that they feel is relevant. Content can be Non-Exclusive (something you have already published on your own blog), or Exclusive (written specifically for TalkMarkets and not published anywhere else).  Of course, Exclusive content is worth more equity points than Non-Exclusive content.
  2. Drive Traffic to your TalkMarkets Content—the more shares you get the more equity you will build…
  3. Refer Others—any other contributors that you refer, you will get bonus equity for those that you refer who register and when they become a contributor. You also earn 10% equity on the equity earned by those that you refer.
  4. One-Time Bonus Opportunities—there are several tasks that you can complete in order to earn additional bonus equity points.

So why should you consider signing up to be a contributor with TalkMarkets?

  • As a financial blogger, you will receive extra exposure for your blog! This is the big one, right?  Your TalkMarkets profile links to your social media and your blog, so people can easily find your work.
  • Once you sign up, TalkMarkets can monitor your blog for relevant articles to re-post, so you don’t have to do anything else to get your content promoted, unless you want to…
  • You are earning equity in TalkMarkets. While you don’t receive income now, your work is earning equity in this website… and you still get the free exposure, right?!


Click here to sign up to become a contributor. It’s free to sign up, and so easy…


If you want to see an example of how becoming a contributor for TalkMarkets directs readers back to your blog and social media, check out my TalkMarkets Contributor page.

Get FREE Exposure for Your Blog with Talkmarkets | Money Savvy Living


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