No Fail Homemade Turkey Gravy

No Fail Homemade Turkey Gravy

No Fail Homemade Turkey Gravy | Money Savvy Living


Thanksgiving just passed and Christmas is right around the corner.  So you probably already cooked a big turkey and stuffed yourself on Thanksgiving Day… and still had leftovers… and are probably looking forward to another turkey for Christmas dinner.


And honestly, cooking the turkey to a beautiful golden brown is not the hard part.  Making a flavorful, delicious gravy is.  Even if you use dripping from the turkey, sometimes, it just doesn’t have that concentrated flavor that you need to make a rich tasting gravy so you bought a pre-made, canned gravy.  But don’t fret, if you ran into this problem a few weeks ago, I am going to let you in on a little secret for making homemade turkey gravy that tastes rich and delicious… and it is super easy.


The secret is Williams-Sonoma Turkey Stock Concentrate.  This stuff is wonderful because it is a thick concentrate that you can dilute down and make stock for soup or gravy with.  If you were to make concentrate on your own, it takes quite a while to cook down, so this is a huge time saver!


No Fail Homemade Turkey Gravy | Money Savvy Living


And, as you probably know, I am a label reader, so the thing that I love the most about this is that I can pronounce everything on the label… and you know what they say about labels that you can easily read?  The ingredients are fresh not a bunch of fillers or preservatives!


No Fail Homemade Turkey Gravy | Money Savvy Living


So after reading all the tasty ingredients that have cooked down and simmered into this delicious concentrate, it is easy to understand why this would make a gravy that tastes homemade because it is.

According to the instructions on the jar, to make one cup of stock, you combine:

  • 2 teaspoons of the Turkey Stock Concentrate
  • 1 cup water

Easy, right?!

Keeping these proportions in mind, I made a simple gravy using my turkey drippings and water, and combined it with a butter and flour roux.


No Fail Homemade Turkey Gravy | Money Savvy Living

No Fail Homemade Turkey Gravy

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Homemade Turkey Gravy

In a large sauce pan, melt 4 tablespoons butter, combine 1/3 cup flour (stir frequently, ensuring there are no lumps) over low-medium heat.

Add water, turkey drippings, and the turkey stock concentrate.

Continue to stir frequently to combine.  Turn heat to low.

*If not cooking a turkey for drippings, just replace that with a cup of water

Depending on how thick or thin you want the gravy, you can add more water, but make sure you keep the correct proportions with the turkey concentrate.  So if you add an additional ½ cup of water, make sure to add an additional teaspoon of turkey stock concentrate.



For this recipe, I added the turkey right into the gravy because I was using leftover turkey, but this gravy is just fine as a stand alone gravy to use with your side dish at any holiday or family meal.


No Fail Homemade Turkey Gravy | Money Savvy Living



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