Save Money by Choosing Green Options

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Save Money by Going Green | Money Savvy Living


Taking care of Mother Earth is certainly important. At Modernize, we’ve found that green practices tend to save money, which motivates us even more to live eco-conscious lifestyles. Here are a few simple changes that will reduce waste and help save you some green.


Upgrade Paper Products

It’s tempting to order pizza and serve it on paper plates or napkins, but convenience comes at a price. Paper, plastic, and Styrofoam products are typically produced with nonrenewable resources, which can be incredibly detrimental to the environment.


Stop this waste by using your actual dishes as much as possible. We suggest finding colorful plates you’ll be excited to use and keep clean. You won’t have to spend money on buying paper or plastic goods when you run out, which will save you money in the long run.


Paper towels are another household go-to, however, switching to cloth napkins or reusable paper towels can save you some major bucks. Just think about how much money you could save by purchasing paper towels less frequently. You may think you’ll be overwhelmed with laundry, but these cloth napkins and towels are small enough to throw into nearly every load.


Save Money by Going Green | Money Savvy Living

Grow Your Own Garden

Let’s face it: spices, herbs, and produce are expensive. If you love that organic, fresh taste (who doesn’t?), then cut costs on delicious seasonings and fresh vegetables by growing them yourself. You can recycle tea tins, canisters, mason jars, and more to create planters. Set them up in your kitchen near natural light, or start your own backyard garden.


With options to grow everything from basil to oregano, berries, green beans, and more, you can save a ton of money on natural, healthy foods. Planting your own garden is great for the environment, too.


Save Money by Going Green | Money Savvy Living

Commute Smarter

If you have a great group of friends at work, school, or church, it’s a smart idea to start a carpool. When you split the cost of gas, oil changes, and tolls, you can save a lot of money on your commuting costs. Carpooling even has advantages like being able to use the HOV lane, or sometimes enjoying reserved parking spots up front.


Vehicle exhaust is a huge pollutant and damages the ozone every day. Reducing the amount of vehicles on the road means cutting back on pollution, too. So, if you can walk or ride your bike instead of jumping in the driver’s seat, choose this energy-saving option to save money and help the environment.


These are a few ideas to get you started, but you’ll have opportunities to make eco-friendly decisions every day. If you’re getting rid of old furniture, ask yourself if it could be upcycled. Consider donating unwanted items to charity or thrift stores to grab a tax deduction instead of throwing them away. Decisions like that may seem small, but they will save you money over time—and protect the environment, too!


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Bryn Huntpalmer lives in Austin, Texas where she currently works as editor-in-chief of with the goal of empowering homeowners with the expert guidance and educational tools they need to take on big home projects with confidence.


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