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Have you made a New Year’s Resolution to get healthier, eat better, or lose weight?  You are not alone.  Nearly 40% of all New Year’s Resolutions that are made are related to making healthier choices.  Did you also know that less than 8% of people will actually carry through with their resolutions in a meaningful way?  Of course, we all know how it goes, everyone is excited to commit to a new path on January 1 and by January 15, most have already slipped away from their new goals…


So this year, try something different.  Don’t make a resolution.


Decide to make a transformation in your life.


So let’s look at the difference.  A resolution is the act of finding an answer or solution to a conflict or problem; the act of resolving something.  A transformation is a complete or major change in someone’s or something’s appearance, form, etc.


I don’t want to just find the answer or solution.  I want to implement the solution to get results.  Knowing and doing are two entirely different things.  Perhaps, that’s why so many resolutions fail.  People simply know what to do, but don’t know how to implement it or maybe aim for too many changes, or changes that they can’t live with and set themselves up for failure.


We know that cutting out sugar and caffeine and gluten from our diets would make us healthier.  But how many people can really drop all of those things from their lives “cold-turkey” and actually stick with it.  Probably not many.  I know that I would never be able to do that.  Maybe for a few days, but probably not for the long term.  Because those are lifestyle changes that I wouldn’t want to keep.


That is exactly why this year I am not making a resolution to “lose weight” or “get healthy.”  This year, I am deciding to transform what I am doing, by adding in simple changes that I can make—that I know I can live with—and will actually continue doing.  It has to be a lifestyle change, not just being able to withstand a few days or weeks of deprivation to on a quest to obtain a magical overnight result.


Here are 5 changes that I have made, and consistently been able to live with and make a part of my lifestyle.  If you are looking to get on the path to a healthier lifestyle, these changes may be a good starting place for you as well.


Activity Tracker This summer, I bought an activity tracker to monitor how much—or how little—I am moving during the day.  Sometimes, it is amazing how active I am, and other days, it is a daunting wake-up call to get moving.  It is amazing How My Activity Tracker Has Changed My Life.  My goal is to get at least 7000 steps each day, which equals 3.5 miles.  At this rate, I will walk nearly 1300 miles during the course of a year.  Maybe you are just starting out and have a goal of 5000 steps per day, or maybe you already hit 7000 steps per day, then you can add a couple thousand to that… regardless of where you are at with your activity, you can make an effort to be more active and burn additional calories.  Here is a conversion chart to help you figure out how many miles you are currently walking and how many you want to set for a goal. Smoothie with a Whole Food Boost | Money Savvy Living Replace A Meal I really have never been a breakfast eater.  I am just not ready for a big meal first thing in the day.  So for me, a smoothie is a great option.  Now, over the years, I have tried many smoothies and some have a metallic after-taste or a are chalky—and if I don’t like the way it tastes, or it gives me a headache, I won’t stick with it—and I will end up just skipping breakfast altogether.  And when I skip breakfast, I am so hungry by the time lunch rolls around, I either eat something that is fast and convenient (not at all healthy) or even over-eat because I have waited too long—am I the only one with this problem or is this familiar to you too?  That is why I am so glad that I found Juice Plus+ Complete.  It is a whole food, plant-based protein shake, with no artificial fillers, preservatives, or colors, it’s gluten free—and best of all, it actually tastes good.  This one works well with my body and I have been able to keep this habit as a part of my daily routine.  This was just one of the things that I have been doing that kept me from gaining weight through the holidays and I have actually lost five pounds…  

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Take a Whole Food Supplement

While I have taken different herbs and vitamins over the years, I added a whole food supplement into the mix.  I had tried them before, but this time, I consistently have taken them… and noticed a difference.  The first thing that I noticed was more energy—I wasn’t as tired in the mornings.  I also noticed that I wasn’t snacking as much.  I felt satisfied after eating a meal.  Before starting these, I felt that my body was always craving something, but I didn’t know what… so I’d grab some crackers or chips to fill the void—and that was just extra calories and fat—and it never curbed that feeling.  Lastly, this was not something that I noticed, but my hairstylist pointed it out when I went in for a haircut (and highlights)—she mentioned how fast my hair was growing and said it was so much faster than most other people—and she had never noticed this (or said anything) before.  Hmmmm, maybe it was this supplement… giving my body extra vitamins and nutrients that I didn’t have before…

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Drink More Water

I have always been aware of drinking a lot of water, but I noticed that when taking these supplements, I made myself drink an entire cup of water each time I took these throughout the day—in additional to the amount of water that I was already drinking.  Drink more water. This may be the easiest thing that you can do to improve your health. Simply. Drink. Water. There are several health benefits of drinking water, including:

  • Water Helps Maintain the Balance of Body Fluids
  • Water Can Help Control Calories
  • Water Helps Energize Muscles
  • Water Helps Keep Skin Looking Good
  • Water Helps Your Kidneys
  • Water Helps Maintain Normal Bowel Function

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Cut Down on Soda and Sugar

Just think of all the extra sugar and calories that you are consuming when you drink a can of pop. Not only are there health problems associated with drinking soda, such as a link to obesity, kidney damage, certain cancers, and even elevated blood pressure, but studies have also shown that you can actually lose weight when you do nothing else besides stop drinking soda.


Are you ready to transform?  Or are you just going to ease away from your New Year’s resolution in a couple of weeks?  Are you ready to make this year different?


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