SlimQuick Pure: A Review

SlimQuick Pure

Recently, I worked with SlimQuick Pure to test their new SlimQuick Pure Gummies for a month. The company describes the product as being able to help you lose 3 times the weight over a 13 week period (keep in mind, I only used the product for a month for the purposes of this review). The product is supposed to help you lose up to 25 pounds in 13 weeks.

Here are my results: 3 pounds in 4 weeks, that have since stayed off after finishing the product trial a few weeks ago.

I am not sure that I would have reached the 25 pound mark in 13 weeks, but I wasn’t trying to lose 25 pounds anyways. I didn’t really change anything in my diet or exercise routine: I do try to eat healthy though and exercise about 3 days a week. So, I feel like it did give me a bit of a boost during that time.

All said and done, I liked the taste of the gummies, the product was easy to use, and I feel like I did see better results than if I had not taken it during that same time period.

*This is a sponsored post.

4 Smartphone Apps That Will Save You Money

4 Smartphone Apps that will Save You Money



If you love coupons, but hate having to search online for them and print them out, or rifle through the newspaper looking for them, there are four apps that you should definitely start using. I know that even if I have taken the time to clip coupons, I almost never have them handy when I need them. That is why I love these apps so much. No need to clip coupons—or keep track of them!  So before your next trip to the grocery store, out to eat, or to the mall, take a look at these apps and keep a bit more of your heard-earned money in your pocket.


Retail Me Not

retailmenot-logoRetail Me Not is a comprehensive app that offers current coupons for retailers ranging from beauty, to clothing, to automotive, to electronics, to food, to travel, and much more. You can sort by in-store or online coupons, even narrowing your search down to local retailers (locations services must be turned on your smartphone for this feature). Once you select a coupon, you are either given an online code to enter or a bar code for an in-store clerk to scan.


Checkout 51

checkout51logo_colourThis is a unique app for grocery coupons. Savings are updated weekly and you don’t even need to remember to show the cashier your smartphone to scan a bar code. This one is different in that all you have to do is take a picture of your grocery receipt with your smartphone, check the boxes for the offers that you are taking advantage of, and you are done.  Keep in mind, you won’t receive any actual money back from the coupons until your savings account balance reaches $20.

*I would suggest hanging on to your receipt until you receive the email that Checkout 51 has accepted it—photos must be clear and must include the entire receipt, so you may need to retake a picture if it doesn’t clearly show all items.



Target-Cartwheel-AppIf you are a Target shopper, you definitely need the Cartwheel app. Savings are updated often and you must go into the app and select the offers that you would like—be aware that you are limited to selecting only 10 offers at a time though. At the checkout, you simply show the cashier the bar code on your Cartwheel app and it will take off the coupon amount for any offers you have selected. You can also increase your savings by using a Target credit or debit card and save additional 5% on your entire purchase.


Snip Snap

snip snap logoSnip Snap also offers coupons for several types of retailers (much like Retail Me Not). This ranges from bar codes to scanned current print coupons. There is a rating for each offer as to how well it worked for other Snip Snap users. Honestly, I have never had any trouble using even the scanned coupons on here, but there is some feedback that certain retailers won’t accept the coupon in certain formats on here. If you don’t have another coupon though, it is worth a shot to save a little extra money though, right?

Fight the Temptation for Tax Procrastination

tax 1


While it might be easy to wait until April to file your taxes, fighting the temptation to procrastinate can have some serious advantages, and not just relief from the nagging feeling that you’re ignoring something important.


More Time to Prepare


Taxes can be complicated. What exactly can you deduct from your taxable income? Is it better to take the standard deduction, or itemize deductions? A tax professional or tax software can make these calculations much easier, but gathering the documentation you need — W-2s, 1099s and receipts — still takes time. If you wait until the last minute, you sacrifice valuable time that you could be using to talk to your tax professional about your best options or review your return for errors.


Finding errors after your return has been filed can be costly, in terms of both time spent filing an amended return and potential penalties if you owe more in taxes than you originally thought.


Get an Early Refund…Or More Time to Pay


Many Americans over pay their taxes every year and look forward to a refund at tax time. If you’re among them, the earlier your file your taxes, the earlier that refund makes it to your bank account to pay off bills, save for retirement, or buy something new.  Keep in mind that refund processing times tend to increases as April 15th draws closer, so filing early benefits your refund time double — the process starts earlier, and takes less time.


If, on the other hand, you end up owing extra come tax time, filing your return early is still beneficial. The difference between what you’ve already paid and what you owe is due on April 15th, and after that the IRS begins to assess penalties for late payment. Getting a head start on your return means that you’ll know what you owe before the deadline, and it gives you time to budget for the extra expense.


You can request an extension, but it only applies to filing your return: Any taxes you owe that aren’t paid by April 15th will still accrue interest and penalties.


Proof of Income


If you’re a student applying for financial aid or a home buyer, you’ll probably be required to provide your tax return as proof of income during the application process. Knocking your return out early in the season means you’ll have it handily available if you find yourself in those markets.


Reduce Identity Theft


The IRS has a page on its website devoted to tax-related identity theft. Anyone with your personal information can submit a tax return in your name, directing your refund to their account or saddling you with taxes you shouldn’t owe. Warning signs include notification that your social security number was used on more than one return or records that you received wages from an unknown employer.


Most tax-related identity theft occurs early in the tax season, which started even earlier this year, on January 20, 2015, and filing early reduces your risk.


Information is power. Taking care of your taxes early in the tax season reduces tax-related stress, helps prepare you for financial decision-making, and reduces your exposure to identity theft.


*Guest post courtesy of, a leading supplier of personal and business checks.