Simple Ways To Make a Little Cash

Here are some great Money Savvy tips from guest blogger, Heather, creator of Simply Save:

piggy bank

It’s that time of year again where the weather has me stuck inside and I just constantly feel the need to clean and go through my possessions! So that inspired this post on how to make a little bit of cash on the side. There are a lot of simple, effortless ways to make some extra money!

Sell Clothes: After you clean out your closet, sell the clothes you don’t want to a thrift store or consignment shop! I’ve used Plato’s Closet and Clothes Mentor; Plato’s Closet takes Juniors clothing while Clothes Mentor takes Women’s clothing. Make sure the clothes are clean and in good condition and you can make a bit of money! What they will accept varies by location and which salesperson is assessing your clothes.

Sell Media Items: Places like Half Price Books will purchase your used books, magazines, movies, and CDs! Even if you don’t make a ton of money, it’s better than nothing!

Amazon/eBay: I’ve sold old cameras and cell phones on eBay and made a good profit. I bought all of my textbooks used and then sold them all on Amazon and broke even!

Craigslist: I’ve had a lot of success purchasing tools and things on Craigslist and I’ve sold a lot on there too, including a nice bike. You can sell pretty much anything on there! Just be safe when you meet up with the purchaser.

Garage Sale: What to do with all the things the bookstore and thrift stores wouldn’t purchase? Hold a garage sale! It is time-consuming but can be well worth it!

Piggy Bank: Use a piggy bank or a coin jar to dump all your pocket change and take it to the bank every few months. I don’t use cash much, but I still end up with about $25 in there every few months!

Credit Card Rewards: If you’re able to consistently pay your credit card balance in full, I’d check into one with a good rewards program. I redeem my credit card rewards for Amazon gift cards and probably earn about $20 a month.

These are just a few simple ways to effortlessly put a little extra money in your pocket! Although it may not seem like much, it can really add up over time…and something is always better than nothing!


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