6 Ways to Save Money on Cleaning Products

6 ways to save money on cleaning products

6 ways to save money on cleaning products | Money Savvy Living

This guest post is by Nicole Gardiner, owner of Dream Cleaners London

Are you sick and tired of spending a considerate amount of your hard earned money on cleaning products? It is not easy taking care of an entire house’s cleaning chores without having to spend way too much money than you wished on cleaning.

Nowadays the stores are flooded with various cleaning products and tools from different companies, all of which have great advertisements that tell you why that product is the best and how its price is justifiable. But you do not need to believe that just because a certain product is expensive it will be the most efficient one.

There are ways you can limit your cleaning budget by a lot. If you are really set on decreasing your budget here are some things you can do:

Buy the store-brand alternatives. Many big retail stores have their own brands and they have cleaning products as well. I know that these kinds of products are deemed ‘bad’ and ‘inefficient’, but some stores actually have pretty good cleaning products. You just need to try a few of them until you find the ones you like.

Limit the number of products. Instead of having a floor cleaner, a tile and grouting cleaners, a universal cleaner, etc. just use one of these for more purposes. They are all cleaning products and have the same chemicals and ingredients; you do not need to spend money on five products that do the same work.

Use liquid dish soap. It is cheap, it smells nice and it is very efficient in cleaning a lot of things. Clean the sink, clean stains from the cabinets’ doors and kitchen counter, clean mirrors, the microwave, stove tops. Dish soap might not be at the top of the cleaning products chain but it sure is efficient as many of the expensive products that you do not really need.

Sales and coupons. There are a lot of coupons that can be found in newspapers or received from stores that can actually greatly decrease the price of cleaning tools or products. And of course, try and keep up with sales in different stores, they run them on TV and have them in magazines. Do not underestimate a good sale.

Buy from the dollar store. They are filled with cleaning products and tools that you do not have to buy the most expensive alternative of. Buy the cheap versions of sponges, paper towels, spray bottles, metal sponges, etc. Some things really are not worth spending more than money than their dollar-store value is.

DIY cleaning products. With DIY cleaning products you get to save a ton of money. Dream Cleaners London says that there are many simple and natural ingredients that can be used to make efficient cleaning products. And the ingredients are cheap and they can be used for big quantities of products. So you will be saving money twice – once on cheap ingredients and once – on these products lasting you a long time and not needing to buy new ones.

And of course, try to repurpose old things and use them in your cleaning processes. For example, instead of buying new cloths and rags – cut your old clothes into pieces and use them for cleaning instead of throwing them away. Use an old toothbrush to scrub the sink or tile grouting instead of buying a special brush.

I assure you that even in a month you will feel the ease on your pocket. Keep your home clean and by using some of these tips. Spend your money on something useful or a gift for a loved one, not on cleaning products.


Meet our guest post author:

Nicole Gardiner

Nicole is a young mother of one little boy. She is running a small cleaning business and in her experience sometimes eco cleaning means money saving cleaning.

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