DIY Essential Oils for a Healthy, Clean, and Relaxing Home

DIY essential oils for a healthy, clean, and relaxing homeDIY Essential Oils for a Clean, Healthy, and Relaxing Home | Money Savvy Living

Essential oils are widely known for their extraordinary aromas an a whole bunch of other precious properties. We have all probably heard different experts recommending people use essential oils to soothe their senses by adding a few drops on their clothes, sleepwear and cosmetics.

However, the use of essential oils can be spread far beyond this. For example, you can easily include some of them in your home cleaning routine because these substances can actually do a lot more than simply deodorise your home environment. When added to various cleaning products, essential oils have cleansing and disinfecting properties, not to mention the fact they are a great when it comes to cleaning various stains. And the best part is that no dangerous chemicals are used throughout the process.

Essential oils’ aroma is 100% natural. They also have strong antibacterial properties, which makes them great solution for your domestic cleaning routine. Of course, when it comes to cleaning, there are some that are more efficient than others.

We offer you a short list with the essential oils that have been proven to have great cleaning and disinfecting properties and are most commonly used separately or as complementary products to regular detergents to boost the latter’s cleansing properties.

  • Tea tree essential oil
    Tea tree essential oil has always been famous primarily thanks to its great efficiency and strong antibacterial properties. It is also preferred when dealing with moulds and mildews around the house. Another great thing about this fantastic essential oil is the fact that it has very light and soothing aroma.

    • A few drops of this oil can be added to the soap water you use for floor cleaning and maintenance. This will make sure your floors are left literally sparkling-clean, and the aroma will be left long after you have finished cleaning. Tea tree is also a great choice in case you want to refresh your laundry. All you need to do is add a few drops in the washing powder and enjoy.
  • Peppermint essential oil
    Peppermint essential oil has been long known as a source of unparalleled aroma when it comes to its freshness. This is why it is one of the most-preferred essential oils used for home cleaning and maintenance, not to mention the fact that it also has various antibacterial properties.

    • A few drops of this oil added to the detergents you use will help you take an excellent care of the places that need cleaning most, especially when it comes to the antibacterial hygiene of the premises such as the kitchen, the bathroom and toilet.
    • One of the most useful properties of the mint essential oil is the fact that it repels various insects says HouseCleaning Hammersmith. You can freely mix it with various other essential oils or products for maximum efficiency.
  • Lemon essential oil
    Lemon essential oil is carefully extracted from cold-pressed zest. This essential oil is characterised with quite fresh aroma that is normally associated with the sense of cleanliness everywhere in the house.
  • If you add several drops of lemon essential oil in your regular domestic cleaning product, the juicy citrus aroma will spread in the house and refresh the air and surfaces around it. Another great thing is that the aroma will be completely natural without being related to any chemicals at all.
  • In addition, lemon essential oil has strong properties when it comes to stains cleaning, no matter if they are on various surfaces in your home or on your clothes. If you add several drops of lemon essential oil to the water you use to clean up the floors, the hard floor surfaces will get sparkling-clean with literally no efforts and will be beautifully deodorized.


This has been a guest post by Katherine Fowler.  Katherine owns a operates a small cleaning company in London; she also specializes in sharing about natural living, domestic cleaning, and DIY projects.



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